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Miele S7 Series

The new Miele S7 Series has taken upright vacuums to the next level. Five new models including the Jazz, Salsa, Calypso, Bolero, Tango, and Diamond Dealer Exclusive Swing have been added to the Miele family. These Miele vacuums combine the convenience and flexibility of a canister vacuum with the power of a strong upright. The Miele S7 Series comes equipped with many innovative features that make these upright vacuums stand apart from the rest.

About Miele S7 Series Vacuum Cleaners

Through the creation of the Miele S7 Series, engineers ventured to design an upright vacuum cleaner that encompassed sleek style accommodated by graceful maneuverability. This first elite Miele Upright Vacuum cleaner demonstrates the ability to travel through household obstacles to tackle everyday cleaning complications. Experience the Miele S7 Series maneuverability and ease of use in your home.

Miele S7 Maneuverability and Ease of Use

Miele introduces their first technologically advanced upright vacuum cleaner--The Miele S7 Series Vacuum Cleaner. This innovative Miele Upright Vacuum has revolutionized the maneuverability, convenience and effectiveness of vacuum cleaning. Explore Miele S7 Series Vacuum Cleaner Benefits to learn more about the S7 Upright Series features and functions.

Miele S7 On-Board Accessories

Miele strives to eliminate house-keeping hassles and replace the regular cleaning regime with convenience and efficiency. aspects of the Miele S7 Series persistently emulate this goal. One of the most vital of these aspects is the Miele S7 Upright Vacuum on-board accessories.

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