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Benefits of NEW HyClean Dust Bags

Recently, Miele has introduced a new dustbag, the HyClean Dustbag which is compatible with the all Miele Vacuum model--plus the new the S7 Series. This  HyClean Dust Bag was created especially for all Miele vacuums. Miele continues to keep their superior dustbag reputation alive with the introduction of this superior  HyClean Dustbag.

These unique dustbags provide ultimate dust filtration and the elimination of fabric bag ruptures. It is made up of nine layers to prevent any ripping or tearing from glass or sharp objects it may come in contact with. Plus, the HyClean dustbag spring-loaded seal immediately seals the bag shut once the dust compartment lid is opened. As a result, the emission of dirt disarray into the atmosphere is eliminated. Additionally, a gasket lines the bag collar to secure the air-tight seal and assures the entrapment of debris and prevention of leaks during machine use.

HyClean Dustbags add to the advanced features of the Miele Series Vacuums while promoting intensified air quality control.

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