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Benefits of Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaners

The essence of Miele Uprights is executed through functional simplicity. These Miele Upright Models can travel with ease from hardwood surfaces to low to medium pile carpeting through the utilization of the combination rug and floor tool. The Electric Powerbrush intensifies carpet cleaning with its swivel neck and floating head. Now, easily travel through any room in your home with the 26 foot operating radius. These features make it simple for you to vacuum all areas of your home without the need to ever switch outlets.

Superior air filtration is vital with any Miele Vacuum Cleaner, and the Miele Upright Models are no exception. The Miele Upright vacuums consist of dust bags that keep in dust and debris, an air filter, and a motor filter to increase cleaning purpose and efficiency. The usage of Miele Filters add to the cleaning benefits of a Miele Upright Vacuum. Allergy suffers gain allergen relief through the HEPA filter while the Active Air Clean Filter neutralizes odors through a charcoal system. Lastly, the Super Air Clean Filter simply removes dirt, dust and other particles from the air providing a clean and easily breathable atmosphere. The Miele upright vacuum cleaner dust bags increase suction power and filtration. Layered with special foil material, the Miele dustbag is constructed to prevent ripping and punctures from objects like glass or pine needles. Miele dustbags also demonstrate automatic closure for clean and efficient disposal.

Ideal for small homes, condos, apartments and dorm rooms--Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaners intensify cleaning in tight quarters. Benefits of Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaners demonstrate high filtration, dust accumulation and surface transitional capabilities.

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