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Miele S7 Series Features


1) S7 Series Miele Design

The new Miele S7 Series is a quality upright vacuum that is sure to please. It's innovative design makes cleaning effortless. The S7 Series is made up of five new Miele Vacuum models including the Jazz, Salsa, Calypso, Bolero and Tango. Each Miele S7 model is packed with impressive features that set these Miele S7 Series upright vacuums apart from the rest.

2) Handle Controls

Each Miele S7 Series model comes standard with deluxe handle controls. This ergonomic handle is designed to reduce the strain on your wrist while vacuuming while giving you the power to control your Miele S7 vacuum cleaner without reaching down. The handles also come with a brush roll and suction control.

3) Motor Systems - Suction Power

The Miele S7 Series has a powerful, innovative motor system. The unique 1,200 watt Vortex motor gives the brush roller high suction capabilities. This motor system makes vacuuming easy and flawless with a Miele S7 Series upright. The motor is slow starting which will ultimately extend it's life. The power levels are adjustable, so different vacuuming tasks receive the proper amount of power needed. With all these new features, it is easy to see that Miele Vacuums are taking vacuum motor systems to the next level.

4) Type U HyClean Dustbags

The Type U HyClean dustbags are specially made for the Miele S7 Series upright vacuums. The large 6.3 quart capacity allows for extended cleaning without having to empty the dustbags often. The Type U HyClean dustbags are nine layers thick, preventing any ripping while changing the bags. The cutting-edge spring loaded sealing feature allows the bags to self close. This ensures that dust and allergens stay inside the bag at all times, even while changing dustbags.

HEPA Filter

All Miele S7 Series Vacuum Cleaners com standard with an advanced HEPA filter. This HEPA filter creates the perfect environment for young children with asthma or adults with allergies. Miele S7 Vacuums are equipped with these high-quality HEPA filter cartridges to add to their vacuum sucking power, and provide you with the cleanest air throughout your home.

5) On Board Accessories

The Miele S7 Series features on-board accessories that will help clean every part of your home. The extra long crevice tool will attach to the miele vacuum, making it easy to clean the hard to reach places of the house, including the floors underneath objects that are too heavy to move. The natural bristle dust brush allows cleaning of delicate items. Finally, the upholstery tool makes cleaning furniture, blinds and curtains simple and effortless. Plus, all Miele Canister accessories will fit the wand of the Miele S7 Series vacuums.

6) LED Lighting

The bright LED brush light on the Miele S7 Series upright vacuums lights up the floor while vacuuming. This feature provides a better view of what is in the path of vacuuming, preventing any unwanted items from being picked up by the vacuum. It also allows you to see under furniture and in corners of your home.

7) Maneuverability: Swivel Neck

Easy steering and smooth gliding along floors make the Miele S7 Series vacuums a breeze to control. The innovative swivel neck design makes it easy for the Miele vacuum to move around corners. The creative design of these S7 Miele upright vacuums allows them to lay completely flat on the floor, reaching far underneath items.

8) Height Adjustment

The Miele S7 is equipped with an automatic height adjustment feature. It is spring loaded, allowing the S7 Series Vacuum to easily adjust to the different floor heights of your home. With this feature, the Miele S7 vacuum will always be the perfect height to ensure that your floor is thoroughly cleaned.

9) Safety Shutoff

The Miele S7 Series vacuums feature an automatic safety shut off. If an item that can potentially damage the equipment gets picked up, the Miele S7 Series vacuum will turn off. This prevents further damage and overheating of your Miele vacuum.

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