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Miele Vacuum Air Filters

Air that a vacuum intakes is also exhausted, and is sometimes inhaled by the operator. It is necessary for the air to first channel through an effective air filter. By combining various filters, Miele vacuums produce optimal air cleanliness. Filters are positioned so that air can pass through the filter before it enters the motor. This order eliminates remaining dust before it exits, reducing chances that it will harm the user.

Miele utilizes HEPA air filter technology. These filters can remove 99.97% of airborne particles which are 0.3 micrometers in diameter. Particles this size are the most difficult to filter. HEPA filters are also designed to capture fine particles, like pollen or dust mite feces, that often stimulate allergy and asthma symptoms.  Plus, Miele HEPA filters use charcoal to neutralize any odors that exist in the air.

To achieve high efficiency and extremely effective air cleaning, Miele vacuum cleaners combine filter technology with  IntensiveClean Plus™ dustbags. Contaminated air travels through the Miele filter system, resulting in a clean and more breathable atmosphere.

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