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Miele Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Vacuum Cleaner canisters are available in series ranging from the S4 Series, S5 Series, and Specialty Vacuums. Within every series, each Miele Vacuum Cleaner focuses on accomplishing cleaning tasks based on the needs of your living situation.

The S4 Miele Vacuum Cleaner can tackle cleaning an environment with smooth flooring and low to medium pile carpeting.  These Miele Vacuum Cleaner  sealed  systems use Miele filters and Miele dust bags to execute thorough cleaning quality. Dust goes into the vacuum and does not come back out,meaning the air you breathe is now fresh and clean. Add a HEPA filter and now its perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers.

For a Miele Vacuum Cleaner with higher suctioning power, the S5 Miele Vacuum Series performs over medium to high pile carpeting, smooth flooring and rugs.All the S5 vacuums come with a Hepa Filter for added filtration and clean air,and a Parquet Floor brush for all smooth floors from delicate to rough.
 For even greater suctioning power, use the Cat and Dog to eliminate pet hair. This specialty Miele Vacuum Cleaner projects extensive cleaning. It also comes with a charcoal filter for pet odors,a smooth floor brush and a handheld Turbo brush for getting hair out of upholstry and stairs.

When searching for the best cleaning option in your home, understand that each Miele Vacuum Cleaner is designed for the purpose of intricate and customizable cleaning. Whether you are a college student in a dorm room or possess a large home with deep pile carpeting and lots of pets --there is a Miele Vacuum Cleaner ready to take on the task.

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