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Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Miele Vacuum Cleaners are available in both canister and upright models. Within each type, both Miele Canisters and Miele Uprights are produced in various model types. The Miele Vacuum Cleaners various model types have been created to customize any cleaning experience. For homes with hardwood flooring or deep pile carpeting, Miele Vacuum Cleaners are available to accommodate your home, lifestyle, and cleaning ambitions.

Customization does not stop at Miele model types. Miele Vacuum Cleaners are available in a wide range of vibrant colors as well. From royal blue Miele Canisters to the Salsa Red S7 Upright, Miele Vacuum Cleaners exude an abundant range of colors. Radiant colors can enhance the look of Miele Vacuum Cleaners. However, each color makes shopping for additional Miele parts, Miele Accessories, Miele Filers, and Miele dustbags an easier task. To browse these Miele Parts, simply use the Shop by Color feature on

Additional Miele parts, Miele accessories, Miele Filters, and Miele Dustbags add to the strong reputation of Miele Vacuum Cleaners. These Miele parts enhance cleaning tasks with unique cleaning heads like the Miele Crevice tool for cleaning between couch cushions. Through the utilization of Miele dustbags and Miele filters on Miele Vacuum Cleaners, air filtration is increased and a cleaner environment achieved.

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Miele S7280 Calypso
Miele S5280 Callisto Canister Vacuum w/SEB217-3
Miele S5580 Callisto Canister Vacuum w/SEB217-3
Miele S5481 Earth
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