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Miele Vacuums

Miele Vacuums have paved the cleaning path since the creation of their first vacuum cleaners in 1927. Since then, Miele has combined strong work ethic with superior products to establish Miele Vacuums as the leading brand of quality vacuum cleaners. Explore how a German background has created exceptional Miele Vacuums.

Miele Vacuums continue to be a leader in the cleaning industry with their German background beaming through the production process. The German mantra "Immer Besser," or "Forever Better," has filtered through the construction line working as Miele Vacuums ethical motto. As a result, Miele Vacuums have achieved elite status in cleaning homes and on the vacuum cleaning marketplace.

German pride is prominent in the production of Miele Vacuums. Ninety percent of the total value creation is produced in Germany. With every "Made in Germany" stamp of approval on Miele Vacuums, Miele is projecting the image of both quality and customer satisfaction.

Miele Vacuums are high functioning cleaning machines with immense German background. This German influence is involved in the creation, production and design of Miele Vacuums. Also, it has created a sense of pride and guaranteed quality in Miele Vacuums that is sure to last through any cleaning collision.

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Miele S5580 Callisto Canister Vacuum w/SEB217-3
Miele S5481 Earth
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