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Allergy Benefits of Miele Vacuums

Miele vacuum cleaners combine the latest technology with innovative parts such as the the Air Clean Filter System, and Miele HyClean  Dustbags. This ensures maximum indoor air quality improvement.

Miele's active HEPA filter vacuums are accredited by the DMT Air Quality Testing Institute, who is known for providing "Excellent Air Quality." This air quality is provided because of the Miele filter system and secure sealing dust bags.The Hepa filter removes 99.5 % of allergenes from the air and is a must for allergy and asthma sufferers.
 The Super Air Clean Filter removes 94% of particles.
The Miele Active Air Clean FIlter  Plus,has a layer of activated charcoal that  removes odors from the air and the vacuum, especially good for  pet areas.

Miele HyClean Vacuum Bags are made of three-ply random-spun fibers that capture and retain millions of minuscule particles including: dust mites, pet dander and pollen. There is 50% greater reduction of particle emissions compared to traditional dust bags. Even as the bag fills, technology ensures maintaining exceptional suction power. The foil panel bag lining prevents sharp objects, like glass and needles, from poking through and releases contents. When the Miele vacuum bag needs to be removed, a dust closure seal is automatically closed to retain dust and dirt, allowing for hygienic removal.
Miele vacuums produce high indoor air quality, and minimize allergy symptoms for suffers. With the utilization of Miele Active HEPA Filter replacements and Miele HyClean Vacuum Bags, all Miele vacuum models are beneficial to allergy and asthma suffers.  They are even great for those who simply strive for a healthy home environment, and a clean home solution.

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