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Miele S160 Features

1) Combination Rug and Floor Tool

The Miele S160 vacuums are equipped with a combination rug and floor tool that travels from smooth flooring to carpeting with the click of a switch. The extensive thread lifters dive into deep carpet, collecting dust and dirt, allowing a thorough clean. Plus, any sensitive flooring can be cleaned since its metal glide sole is mild and gentle.

2) Comfort and Versatility: The Miele Wand

To remove the strain of vacuuming on your back, Miele S160 models allow you to telescopically adjust the length of the Wand. This customizes the Miele S160's size to fit the preferences and needs of each user.

3) Accessory Tools

To have a properly clean and filtered home, Miele accessories are needed. The tool caddy, on the Miele S160 Vacuums, contains an upholstery brush for all home furniture, and a crevice nozzle to get those hard to reach particles.

4) Customized Height for Better Control

Miele S160 Vacuum handles were ergonomically designed, and can be customized to meet the needs and preferences of each individual user. The telescopic handle can be heightened to add extreme comfort and constraint.

5) Two-Clip System

While not in use, the S160 Miele two-clip system neatly holds the long cord in its place. For instant access to your cord, simply turn the release knob.

6) Miele Air Clean-Filter System

An important element of the Miele S160 Vacuum Cleaner is the Air Clean-Filter System. This system, made up of an IntensiveClean Plus™ Dustbag, an air filter, and a motor filter, increases efficiency and cleaning.

7) Miele Air Filters

Three different types of filters make up the S160 Miele Vacuums. The Active HEPA Filter is ideal for allergy sufferers since it collects all allergens, any odors in the air, and all normal contaminants. The Active Air Clean Filter uses charcoal to neutralize odors and all normal air particles. The Super Air Clean Filter simple removes any dirt or dust from normal settings.

8) Optional Electric Powerbrush

The optional Electric Powerbrush, available on S160 Vacuums, features a 10.5 inch spacious brush roll that is great for medium and low pile carpeting. Its swivel neck and floating head make this mid-size powerbrush an important accessory.

9) Miele IntensiveClean Plus™ Dustbag

The Miele S160 Vacuum Cleaners are equipped with an IntensiveClean Plus™ Dustbag. This unique dustbag increases suction by 20% and filtration by 15%. Not only does this layered dustbag automatically close for disposal, but it also prevents punctures from sharp objects like glass and needles.

10) Ample Operating Radius

The operating radius of the S160 Miele Vacuums is sufficient enough to reach 26 feet around your home. The cord eliminates the problem of switching outlets and not being able to easily reaching all areas.

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