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Miele S200 Exterior Features

1) Electric Powerbrush

The Miele S200 Series Vacuums utilize an electric powerbrush, great for deep down cleaning. The constant agitation of the electric powerbrush separates fibers of the carpet, effectively removing dirt and dust.

2) Storage Bracket

Miele S200 Vacuums contain a storage bracket that is conveniently located on the side of the canister. This bracket firmly holds the wand a floor piece in place, but can be easily unclipped by depressing the latch.

3) Comfort and Versatility: The Miele Wand

The Miele Wand, on all S200 vacuums, is ideal for vacuuming without getting a sore back. This two piece wand, can be adjusted to fit any user's height and preference.

4) Power Adjustment

The 1,200 watt Miele-made Vortex Motor System™, on all S200 Miele models, uses air flow as a cleaning force. The many power adjustments allow the optimal cleaning power for any type of floor.

5) Purposeful Design

Miele S200 Vacuum Cleaners have a stylish and distinct design, giving it the ability to glide throughout your home with effortless movement. The functionality of a Miele S200 is shown by its efficiency and easy operation.

6) Locking Mechanism

The locking system on Miele S200 models safely holds the wand hand and floor pieces to the canister of your vacuum. When needed to vacuum the floor, simply unhook the wand pieces by depressing the latch.

7) Hose Connection

Unrestricted movement is provided on Miele S200 vacuums with the 360 degree hose rotation. The suction hose allows you to clean around obstacles and throughout your home with ease.

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