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Miele S200 Interior Features

1) Integrated Accessories

The Miele S200 Series contains a unique compartment within the vacuum for storage. A crevice nozzle is provided for difficult corners and creases as well as an upholstery tool for crumbs scattered in between couch cushions.

2) Hose Connection

Miele S200 models are equipped with a hose connection that allows 360 rotation. This unrestricted hose gives movement around all obstructions and obstacles in your home.

3) Miele Air Clean-Filter System

The Air Clean-Filter System on Miele S200 Vacuum Cleaners consists of an air and motor filter, as well as an IntensiveClean Plus™ dustbag that contains all dust particles and dirt. These three components create efficient, effective air cleaning.

4) Miele Air Filters

Each Miele S200 Vacuum comes standard with three air filters that provide unequaled air cleaning and suction. The Super Air Clean Filter removes any normal contaminants floating around in your home, and the Active Air Clean Filter tackles normal air pollutants as well as unpleasant odors. For maximum air filtration results, the Active HEPA Filter removes all allergens, neutralizes odors in the air, and gets rid of normal air dust.

5) Miele IntensiveClean Plus™ Dustbag

™ Dustbag is the best solution for optimal air filtration and dust collection for Miele S200 Vacuums. This bag provides 15% increase in filtration and 20% longer suction power. The unique layered material of the IntensiveClean Plus™ Dustbag prevents any sharp objects from piercing or ripping it, and automatically closes for removal and disposal.

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