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Miele S4 Galaxy Exterior Features

1) Combination Rug and Floor Tool SBD 450-3

For homes with combination flooring, such as hardwood or tile and carpeting, the combination rug and floor tool is ideal. This S4 Galaxy Vacuum tool works great on smooth flooring, and also on very low-pile carpeting.

2) The Radio Frequency (RF) Control Handle

Control the power of your Miele S4 Galaxy with the radio frequency feature. These controls, that are located on the Miele handle, allow you to determine the power by simply pushing the +/- buttons. There is also a "Stand-by" button that enables you to quickly turn the S4 Galaxy vacuum on or off.

3) Deluxe Handle

Make vacuuming an easier task with this new ergonomic handle that minimizes strain from your wrist. When designing the Miele S4 Galaxy deluxe handle, both comfort and convenience were the main consideration.

4) Comfort and Versatility: The Miele Wand

The severe strain placed on your back while vacuuming has been eliminated with the Miele S4 wand. Miele's solution to exhausting back pressure can be adjusted based on the users size, weight, and preference.

    Clip System

The Miele S4 Galaxy clip locking system uniquely connects the hand and floor piece to the canister. To easily release the pieces, the latch switch can be depressed with a minimal amount of pressure.

    Miele Air Clean-Filter System

Miele strives to provide high efficiency and beneficial air cleaning in every S4 Galaxy Vacuum. The Air Clean-Filter System uses an effective motor filter, air filter, and IntensiveClean Plus™ dustbag.

5) The Miele Accu-Nova

The innovative and rechargeable electro brush for all Miele S4 Galaxy Models has an extremely strong motor. The motor evenly rolls the brush along the carpet and rotates for an intensive, deep clean. The easily attachable Miele Accu-Nova restores crushed pile carpeting on all carpets and rugs in the home. Not only is this brush easy to operate, but its rechargeable battery reduces cords and it saves energy with its auto-stop function.

6) Maneuverability: Three-Point Steering

The Miele S4 Galaxy three-point steering system promises smooth maneuverability around corners, a sturdy center that will no tip over, and the ability to move around obstacles. Plus, their caster wheels have a soft protective layer to prevent damage.

    Storage Bracket

The storage bracket on Miele S4 Galaxy Vacuums keeps the wand and floor tool safely at the side of the canister. The bracket, located on the side of the canister, makes for easy storage and convenient transportation.

7) Valuable Accessories

Valuable accessories for the S4 Galaxy Miele include an upholstery brush for all furniture, a crevice nozzle for any crumb clean-up, and a dusting tool for hard to reach areas. All accessories can be conveniently clipped onto the Miele Wand for storage.

8) Long-Reach Operation: The Large Operating Radius

To further the convenience of the Miele S4 Galaxy, it contains a 30 feet long cord. This cord gives it a large operating radius, allowing you to clean many areas of your home without changing power outlets.

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