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Miele S4 Galaxy Interior Features

1) Practical Park System

The Miele S4 Galaxy Vacuum lets you park the wand in an upright position if you need to answer the phone or check on dinner. Parking the wand in the canister is not only safe, but also saves space when storing your Miele in the closet.

2) Powerful Vortex Motor System™

The power pack of the S4 Galaxy consists of a developed motor with 1,200 watt performance. Proper air flow gives it optimal usage of power and quality dust intake, making it ideal of allergy sufferers.

    Thermal Cut-Out Indicator

Miele S4 Galaxy Vacuums contain a thermostat which prevents overheating. If an object gets stuck within the Wand, it will begin to overheat. The thermostat will automatically shut off the motor and the indicator light will turn on, alerting you to a problem.

3) Silence-Noise Insulation

Perfect for families, the S4 Galaxy is extremely quiet. Don't worry about waking the baby while cleaning, or interpreting the children who are doing homework; with the noise optimized fan and integrated Silence-Noise insulation, vacuuming is practically silent.

4) Miele Air Clean-Filter System

IntensiveClean Plus™ dustbags, air filters, and motor filters make up the Miele S4 Air-Clean Filter System. Together, these features work to provide productivity and superior air cleaning.

5) Miele Air Filters

Miele S4 Galaxys are made up of three superior air filter systems. The Super Air Clean Filter provides excellent air cleaning for normal conditions while the Active Air Clean Filter accomplishes air cleaning in addition to neutralizing odors floating through the air. The Active HEPA Filter maximizes air cleanliness, perfect for those with allergies, as well as getting rid of odors and filters the air.

6) Change Filter Indicator

Some Miele S4 Galaxy Vacuums alert you when it is time to change your Active Air Filter, ad Active HEPA Filter. The indicator light will flip on, ensuring maximum filtration is provided.

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