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Miele S5 Exterior Features

1) Purposeful Design

You can instantly identify a Miele vacuum by their unique design and stylish character. Every curve, angle and line has been carefully created to ensure beauty as well as functionality. Skilfully crafted, Miele design provides effortless movement, easy operation, and remarkable efficiency.

2) Deluxe Handle

This new ergonomic handle takes strain off your wrist, making vacuuming an easier task. Comfort was the top priority when designing the deluxe handle of the Miele S5 Vacuum.

3) Handle Controls

With easy to use controls that are conveniently located on the Miele S5 Vacuum handle, you can regulate the suction power by simply pushing the +/- buttons. Managing the power levels of a vacuum has never been easier than with Miele S5 handle controls.

4) Comfort and Versatility: The Miele Wand

Miele's solution to vacuuming with a bent back is their comfortable Miele wand. The length of the suction wand, on all S5 Miele Vacuum cleaners, can be adjusted based on each individual users size and preferences.

5) Intelligent Automatic Setting

Adjusting the power level of the Miele S5 Vacuum Cleaner is simple with the intelligent automatic setting. When selected, the automatic setting will adjust your Miele's power level to suit the floor surface you are vacuuming, ensuring the most through results.

    Silence Setting

While all Miele vacuums are known for their quiet operation, the Miele S5 is particularly quiet. The silence setting produces the lowest noise output, due to special sound insulation, at the optimum power level.

6) Parquet Floor Brush SBB 300-3.

Make sure your tile, wood and other smooth surfaces are cleaned thoroughly with this floor brush. To ensure a gentle cushion on your floor, the brush is made from a mixture of polyamide and natural hair. Further enhancements of the floor brush include its 90° rotation which makes it exceptionally quick at cleaning around obstacles like table legs and other tight areas.

7) Clip System

Each section of the Miele Wand is firmly connected by Miele’s unique locking system. The clip system stop both the hand piece and the floor piece from unexpectedly separating, but also allows them to be easily released by depressing its latch.

8) Durable Bumper Strip

The Miele S5 Vacuums have a fully-integrated bumper strip, which is made from soft plastic and fastened around the base of vacuum to protect both furniture and the vacuum in the event of a collision.

9) Maneuverability: Three-Point Steering

Miele maneuverability is perfected with three smooth-running 360° caster wheels mounted on its steel axles. Castor’s are brilliantly designed with a travel ramp to help maneuver your S5 Miele vacuum over thresholds and around any household obstacles.

    Convenient Park System

The convenient park system is ideal when you need to stop vacuuming to answer the door or telephone. Rather than resting the Miele wand against the wall or furniture where it can fall, insert the wand in the park system on the back of the canister. No damage will occur to your Miele S5 vaccum or household furniture and floors. Some Miele models even turn off the vacuum motor when the wand is placed in the park system.

    Double-sided Wand Holder

Miele created the double-sided wand holder to meet the needs of right-handed and left-handed users. For safe storage and easy transportation, the floor tool assembly can be hooked on either side of the Miele S5 canister. Once hooked to the canister, you can easily carry the Miele Vacuum up and down stairs with a free hand to hold the railing or for multi-tasking.

10) Six-level Power Adjustment

Depending on the type of floor you are cleaning, or surface you are dusting, the six power settings on the Miele S5 can be adjusted according to your needs. To distinguish which power setting should be used, easy-to-read graphic symbols are located on the canister. Some S5 models even have back-lit power level buttons to help find the correct setting.

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