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Miele S5 Interior Features

1) Purposeful Design

The unique, stylish design of Miele S5 Vacuums makes them easily recognizable. The carefully created angles, curves, and lines have been constructed to ensure functionality as well as beauty. Miele's efficiency, easy operation, and precise movement were skillfully crafted to make up this amazing vacuum.

2) Clip System

The unique clip system of the Miele S5 wand locks it into place on the canister with little effort. There will be no unexpected release of the hand piece or the floor piece while vacuuming or transporting the Miele S5 vacuum. However, each piece can be easily unclipped by depressing the latch.

3) Convenient Park System

The convenient park system of the Miele S5 vacuum allows users to stop in the middle of vacuuming to answer a phone call or doorbell. The Miele wand can be inserted into the park system on the back of the canister for a short break. Walking up the stairs and multi-tasking can be easily done with the convenience of the park system, which even turns off the motor in some Miele S5 models.

4) Miele Air Filters

Miele S5 vacuums have three different air filters for superior hygiene levels and unsurpassed air cleaning. The Super Air Clean Filter is an effective filtration system for normal and average air particles. The Active Air Clean Filter cleans normal air particles plus, neutralizes any unpleasant odors by using active charcoal. Miele's Active HEPA Filter produces maximum air filtration, leaving the utmost air hygiene perfect for those with allergies, and removes odors with its charcoal layer.

    Change Filter Indicator

To ensure that Miele filtration systems are working efficiently, all S5 models have a change filter indicator. You will receive an alert to chang your Super Air Clean Filter or Active HEPA Filter when new filtration is needed for optimum air cleanliness.

5) Intelligent Automatic Setting

The intelligent automatic setting of the Miele S5 Vacuum ensures that the correct floor setting is being used to give the most thorough results. When it is selected, the length and power of the brush will adjust to suit the type of floor you are vacuuming, and clean efficiently.

6) Parquet Floor Brush SBB 300-3.

To ensure that your wood, tile, and smooth floor surfaces are properly cleaned, Miele S5 Vacuums have the Parquet Floor Brush SBB 300-3. The cushion of the brush is made of polymide and natural hair, giving floors an extremely soft clean. Plus, its 90 degree rotation makes it agile enough to clean around obstacles and tight places.

7) Comfort and Versatility: The Miele Wand

The exhausting exercise of vacuuming with a bent back is no long a problem with the Miele Wand. The comfortable, versatile wand can be adjusted to fit the preferences of each user, making it a simple task to vacuum the house.

8) Quality Assurance

Quality assurance of all S5 Miele Vacuum cleaners is done by endurance testing. The Miele S5s go through an extreme amount of strain, more strain than what would occur in normal household use, and vigorous testing. These custom built laboratories guarantee quality Miele Vacuums before they can be put into production.

9) Miele Air Clean-Filter System

To get high efficiency and extremely effective air cleaning, Miele S5 Vacuum cleaners utilize Air Clean Filter Systems. The system consists of a motor filter, air filter, and IntensiveClean Plus™ dustbags.

10) Six-level Power Adjustment

In order to thoroughly clean your home, Miele Vacuum Accessories must be used. A crevice nozzle is great for hard to reach corners, a dusting brush tackles all of those cobwebs, and an upholstery tool gets crumbs left behind. There is even an on-board accessory storage compartment in S5 Miele Vacuums so everything you need for a clean home will always be at hand.

11) Miele IntensiveClean Plus™ Dustbag

The distinct fabric of the IntensiveClean Plus™ Dustbag gives your Miele longer suction power and performance, a 15% increase in air filtration, and automatic closure of the dustbag for easy hygiene removal and disposal. Plus, its impact foil prevents needles, glass and sharp objects from piercing and tearing the bag.

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