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Miele S500 Features

1) Parquet Floor Brush

The Miele S500 parquet floor brush will make sure that any floor surface, tile or wood, is cleaned with extreme care. The brush is made from a mixture of polyamide and natural hair to ensure gentle care for sensitive flooring. The 90 rotation of the brush makes it excellent at cleaning any area with obstacles.

2) Electric Powerbrush SEB 217-2

Miele S500 models have an electric power brush which digs into carpet fibers, removing deep down dust. The constant agitation of the power brush effectively separates fibers for dirt removal.

3) Six-level Power Adjustment

To properly achieve optimal airflow and cleaning force, different levels of power are available. The Miele S500 Vortex Motor System™ comes in six levels, one ideal for each type of floor.

4) Comfort and Versatility: The Miele Wand

Vacuuming sometimes causes unpleasant back and neck strain. The Miele S500 Vacuums have a Miele Wand, optimal for any user. The length of the wand can be adjusted to meet all user preferences, height, and size.

5) Clip System

Each section of the S500 Miele wand is firmly connected by its unique locking system. It will not slip off, fall over, or unexpectedly disconnect. Both the hand and floor piece can be easily released for use by depressing the latch.

6) Durable Bumper Strip

Each Miele S500 Vacuum Cleaner has a durable bumper strip stretching across the canister. This bumper strip, made of soft plastic, protects the vacuum and other objects in case of a collision.

7) Maneuverability: Three-Point Steering

To ensure maximum stability on the S500 Models, three smooth-running 360 degree caster wheels are connected to the steel axles. These casters also give your Miele maneuverability and undisturbed motion. All thresholds and obstacles can be overcome with Miele S500 Vacuum's three-point steering.

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