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Miele Vacuum Features and Benefits

A truly clean home begins with a Miele vacuum. Best price Miele vacuums that provide high-quality cleaning ability are now available from Galaxy Vacuum. Miele vacuums offer innovative features in both the S160 stick series and in the various Miele canisters including:

Popular features in the Miele stick series and Miele canister series include the adjustable Miele wand, effective air cleaning Miele filter system, and the Miele Vortex Motor system with vacuum settings for every floor type. Miele Intensive Clean bags, air filters, and motor filters work with the system to provide exceptional air cleaning and protect allergy users. We offer the finest Miele vacuums with free overnight shipping so that you can begin experiencing a true clean right away. Learn more about the unique features that have helped make Miele one of the brands of vacuum cleaners by clicking on the links below. Whether you purchase a Miele HEPA vacuum cleaner or a Miele Active Air vacuum, you’ll soon notice a whole new level of clean.

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