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The German Quality of Miele Vacuums

Over the past 80 years, Miele has gained the reputation of being the leader of high quality vacuum cleaners. With the German mantra "Immer Besser," or "Forever Better," as Miele's work ethic model, the brand has achieved high quality performance that resulted in becoming an elite brand in the vacuum industry.

A 1200-Watt motor in correlation with a completely smoothed sealed system, Miele vacuums produce unsurpassed suction performance. Airflows as high as 141 cubic feet per minute can be achieved with Miele Vacuums. What does this mean for you? Suction is strong enough to collect dust and debris from the floor and air, making vacuuming more efficient.  

Miele has produced an advanced filtration system that monopolizes the filter cleaning market. Since Miele vacuums offer three exhaust filter options, deep particles are easily retained and odors are absorbed. The quality of the Miele filter technology collects dust and debris, plus retains microscopic allergens by using a rubber seal throughout the system.

When Miele Vacuums were created, enhancing the design to achieve high endurance and convenience was vital. As a result, Miele created castor wheels that are capable of spinning 360 degrees. The Miele vacuum body is constructed from durable ABS plastic, with a bumper strip for external damage control. The crush free cord can also rotate 360 degrees without kinking. You can also customize the Miele vacuum cleaner for any user with a telescopic stainless steel wand.

Miele is a company immersed in the German tradition of excellence in engineering. Miele vacuum cleaners provide advanced vacuum cleaner aspects for more a convenient and enjoyable floor care experience.

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