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Free Shipping Miele and Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

FREE NEXT DAY AIR SHIPPING ON ALL MIELE S5 SERIES VACUUMS. Free overnight shipping must be chosen from the drop down box,or else order will get Free shipping 3-7 days by default.
Whats the sweetest phrase to hear after Miele vacuum? Free shipping! Galaxy Vacuum offers free  shipping on all Miele vacuums. Start enjoying a Miele Vacuum in your home to get rid of dust, pet hair, and all other danders. The various styles and models of Miele Vacuums ensure cleaner floors and the retainment of dust and indoor pollutants. Specialty Miele vacuums, such as the Cat and Dog Vacuum, have a powerful motor and power brush to remove pet hair from your furniture, plus a filter system to remove odors from the air.
There' s nothing quite like Miele vacuums. Free  shipping offers are applied to Galaxy Vacuum's extensive inventory so that you can experience the unparalleled cleaning power of Miele without delay. Your Miele canister vacuum, upright vacuum, or other vacuum should last for an average of 20 years. Whether you settle on a Miele Eclipse or a Universal upright, a Miele vacuum is a strong investment in your home. Don’t miss out on deals on our Miele S5280, S5981, S160, and other vacuums.
We try very hard to get every vacuum order out same day if ordered before 2:00 P.M EST and we are very proud of our 98% fill rate, however there are high volume times when a back log can occur and or certain items need special processing. We work as fast as we can to get your vacuum out to you. We are a very honest and up front company,we do not make promises and then do not keep them. We do not promise next day delivery and then when it doesn't arrive tell you there was a glitch in the system. NO lies NO stories,just honest efficient and reliable service.
We get your vacuum out to you as soon as possible and some delivery time may be even less than stated.
Please call to see if you vacuum qualifies for upgraded shipping. 800-591-8743.
Orders place after 2pm EST on Friday will not be shipped until Monday. Because UPS only delivers on weekdays.Holidays may also delay your order.
For your protection and ours: All vacuums and items over $300.00 require UPS signature. If you do not want signature delivery then please call us so you can sign a waiver for non signature release. Please understand that signature delivery is for your protection.
We are sorry shipments to Alaska or Hawaii may take a bit longer than the ususal  5-7 days.
Please call for info.
Please note bill to ship to address's take a bit longer for processing,as they have to be confirmed.
We collect sales tax in NJ.
To see our return policy please see the HELP section:

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